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Talent Strategy

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Human resources philosophy: people-oriented,human resource is the first resource.Sincethe beginning of AMPARO established, we adhere “Talent is the company's most valuable wealth”. And employees togrow together, common success are AMPARO for every employee’s commitment. Witha strong retail management background and financial base, the company not onlyfor the staff to provide more advanced skills, management method of learningopportunities, but also to the full trust of employees, provide perfect inpractice and explore their own opportunities.

All newly-hired staff undergo a carefully-designed Induction program,including company’s culture, business etiquette, workflow and other regulations. In the meanwhile one of the most experienced colleague conductas an instructor to help the new hires running quickly on the job role.

AMAPRO believes that constantly improving its staff’slife-long employability is the responsibility shared by both AMPARO and thestaff themselves. AMPARO provides its staff with a variety of developmentopportunities and career paths. Meanwhile, it helps to tap their potential andimprove their life-long learning ability through effective training. As aresult, employees’ occupational capability, professional quality and spiritwill be constantly upgraded through broad development. 

Coreof enterprise culture—— “Managers dedicated, operators assured, consumersfavor, employees feel at ease”, family of outstanding employees will be invitedto annual party of the company each year, then they could share their growthand achievement together, the company also concerns with the personal situationof staff, actively assist them with difficulties in the life, as the operatoradhere to believe that “the success of the company should make staff be afamily, and parents be proud of it firstly.”

In terms of incentive, the companyadvocates "total sales" concept, front-line employees selling"products", back office sales of "management and service",the company's performance and the income of employees are linked, establish aneffective performance appraisal system, through regular the performance interviewsand 360-degree multi-dimensional assessment to ensure corporate profitsdistributed equitably.

Now AMPARO is in animportant period of development, never hide the eager to talents, and welcomemore talents who recognize corporate culture, identify "AMPAROvalues" to join the family of the AMPARO.

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