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Based on years of experience and impact in the clothing field, in 2006, Shanghai AMPARO trade company has expanded the business into the international field of high-end apparel brand management, to be general agent in Mainland China of Germany well-known clothing brand BRAX, premium women's brand Betty Barclay and the leading trousers brand EUREX. While the company also introduced franchise model, and using the advantage in years of accumulated experience in brand operation and top professional retail management ability and continuous improvement in sales network system, to expand the franchise business.


Good moral character, have a certain economic strength and viability of the legal entity or individual operators. In the local community have a good relationship, familiar with clothing retail stores and have high-quality resources in store.

Capital requirements

With corresponding own funds and liquidity, based on the store opened by applicants.

Store conditions

Fully understand with area of the store such as location, traffic conditions, the urban population, economic status, lifestyle, consumer demand, competition and other factors, and with mature team of retail outlets.

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